Home Learning edition 2

Dear all,

We have now added a Home Learning Gallery page to our school website, so we can share the work and pictures of your children with our school community, while the school is still closed. Just click on the link on the Home Learning page to see our growing gallery.

We would like to show not only artwork, but also pictures of other subjects and even of activities you’ve done for home learning. Please send pictures to:


Add the name and age of your child and remember that if the picture shows your child(ren), school must have your parental  consent to publish these on our school website.



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Home Learning Edition 1

Dear all,

Hopefully you have been following some of our updates on the website and Twitter, but we thought we might post an update on our blog as well.

Our school remains closed until further notice, but teachers have been making learning resources and posting them on our school website, so that children have an opportunity to continue their learning. The Home Learning can be accessed on our website:


Thank you to all the parents, who sent in work and pictures of their children, doing their learning at home. We are considering to create a page on our schoolwebsite to show all the amazing learning from home.

Photos of learning at home and any ICT related queries should be emailed to:


Please remember to include the first name and age of your child.


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World Book Day 2020

To celebrate World Book Day 2020, we took part in a range of fun activities. These included “book tasting” in class to try out new texts, making creative displays of our favourite books and holding a whole school assembly. Every child and adult brought a book to assembly and took part in a “Big Read”.

We also introduced our new Ben Jonson Reading Canon – a list of texts we would like every child to read by the time they leave primary school and is set out as a fun challenge. Can you read them all? The full Reading Canon can be downloaded now on the website.

For homework in the lead-up to the day, we asked children to create a book box or piece of artwork based on a book they enjoy. The quality of these was incredible and we celebrated a selection in assembly. Thank you parents for all your hard work helping with these and your continued support in encouraging our children to read.

From Paul

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Science Week 2020 – Food Glorious Food

Science Week 2020 has been a scrumptious, delectable success! Our theme of food has seen lots of exciting chemistry, lots of tickling taste buds and lots of fantastic scientific enquiry from both children and adults.

On Monday, Dan from the Royal Institution was back with his Explosive Food show. We saw how electricity can be passed through a gherkin, the explosive energy contained in flour, the process that our food goes through in the digestive system and we learned about how crucial the sense of smell is to tasting when we did the Woosh Test! After school, Dan did his Community Show and we were delighted to see so many parents and family members attend. We learned about the incredible power of friction, how batteries were first invented, the power of electrical generators and the magic of surface tension.

In class, children across the school have been doing some tremendously exciting science. Year 6 have been doing lots of blind tasting, where children taste food and drink without knowing what they are and rate them on how tasty they are. With the results, the children were then able to do some fantastic data analysis. Year 4 have also been creating bar charts, having studied the amount of sugar in different orange juices. Year 3 have been busy getting creative. They have created cupcakes in mugs AND ice lollies – some amazing chemistry. Every year group has been busy doing science linked to food.

Our year group parent workshops have seen a vast amount of bread created. Years 2,3,4 and 6 have all had a go at baking their own bread in a bag. It was wonderful to see the teamwork and community spirit shining through as everyone helped each other to create some very tasty loaves. We all learned about the science behind why bread dough rises, as the yeast and sugar react to form carbon dioxide which blows the dough up like a balloon. We then thought about what happens when the bread is in the oven, how the heat turns any liquid in the dough to a gas, thus further inflating the mixture. Years 4 and 6 had time to consider how balanced their diet is and how they could plan a meal plan to make it even more of a healthy mix!

We are looking forward to the next week, which will see Year 5 have a go at making their own bread and Reception and Year 1 create their own cookie decorations. Thank you to everyone who has made this Science Week another great success.

Meredith and Alex



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Hour of Code at Amazon

Thanks to our friends at Magic Breakfast, a group of children from Ben Jonson were invited to the Amazon offices in London to do a coding activity from the Hour of Code called Dance Party.

We walked to Mile End station and after a short journey on the London Underground and a walk along the street, we arrived at the Amazon offices, well on time for our session.  Jan, Tahir, Tahsin and Jan’s son David made sure we crossed the roads safely and helped us with getting on and off the train and the escalator.

James our Code Club volunteer joined us at Amazon. We all received badges to enter the building and went up in an elevator to the 7th floor. Our group was split and each group was taken to a room were people from Amazon told us about the activity and helped us with our coding on laptops.  We all managed very well and at the end of the session we were given a certificate and a sticker.

We made our journey back to school and returned on time to join our classes for home time. All of us had a great time and are looking forward to do some more coding soon.

Thanks to all the friendly staff at Amazon who supported us with our coding.

For more information about:

Magic Breakfast: https://www.magicbreakfast.com/

Hour of Code:      https://hourofcode.com/uk/learn

Code Club:           https://codeclub.org/en

Image result for twitter iconWatch our trip adventure on Twitter: Amazon trip


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Gilwell trip – Day 4

Today was one of our busiest days, packed with three full activities, more new arrivals and a final night movie time with popcorn!

In the morning, children were excited to welcome Mofsina and Ruth to the lodges. Over the day they’ve enjoyed supporting groups with a range of activities.

Some of activity highlights included bullseye after bullseye in the archery and rock climbing races (including between the adults – unlucky Alex who was beaten by Anisha!).

It was fantastic to see the looks of triumph on children’s faces after conquering their fears and learning a new skill. Meanwhile, groups learned orienteering by following maps and gathering clues (despite George briefly leading his group round in circles!)

At dinner, we sat down to filling burgers with chips and salad. After eating we gave a well deserved round of applause and three cheers for the hard working kitchen staff who had kept us fuelled with such delicious food and always with a smile.

The day finished with a relaxed movie night and children brought sleeping bags to the hall. We enjoyed “The Incredibles” along with a snack of warm popcorn.

Looking forward to seeing all our families tomorrow and sharing our stories with you all!

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Gilwell trip – Day 3

Another unforgettable day over at Gilwell!

Day three began with beans on toast and cereal for breakfast followed by thorough room inspections. Points were added for creative, humorous and entertaining welcomes (of which there were many!) We all completed one activity in the morning as more children had the chance to defy gravity on the 3G swing and others cooked up a storm making pizzas in the forest. Lunch was a calm affair as children enjoyed a mixture of sandwiches and crisps.

After lunch, we completed another activity, climbing to dizzying heights on the climbing wall and working together to solve team building problems. As the weather held out, we took the short walk to the hill to take in the incredible view and catch up with friends from different lodges. Before heading back to the lodge, children visited the Gilwell shop, filled with unusual toys (light-up teeth?!) and spent their spending money on gifts for their families.

The evening began with sausages and mash in a rich gravy accompanied with a mixture of fresh vegetables. This was rounded off with an indulgent chocolate cake! On our return to the lodges we had the exciting surprise to find two very special guests: Monica and Muslimah from school. Children enthusiastically shared some of their experiences and gave our guests a tour.

All day, Alex had been weather-watching, hoping the clouds would clear and finally we could enjoy a campfire together. At 7pm, the news came through – the campfire was happening! Taking our places around the fire, George and Alex led a selection of classic singalongs (including “Bungalow”!) Monica ended the experience with a story about the magic of campfires. – Paul

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Gilwell trip – Day 2

After a good night’s sleep, both lodges woke up to a lovely breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast with lots of tasty cereal. We have had an action packed second day at Gilwell with lots of exciting activities. Shaz was amazing throwing the Tomahawks with her crazy skills, some of the year 6 children were brave enough to go 15 crates high while others conquered their fear of heights, reaching the top of the climbing wall. Lunch was amazing as we had cheese and tuna baguettes followed by delicious cookies and jam doughnuts. Mmmmmmm. After dinner we headed back to our lodges and had an evening filled with quizzes, games and a mug of hot chocolate before bedtime.

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Gilwell trip – Day 1

Hello everyone! It’s year 6 here!

We said our farewells at school and arrived at Gilwell safely. Excited children made their beds and had lunch before their first activity. The rain didn’t stop the children’s excitement as they threw axes, climbed walls, swung up high and much more! Dinner was delicious and all allergies were catered for so no child missed out on dessert (very important part of the day!) After a film night, the children went off to their rooms for their first night away. Will they, or won’t they sleep?!

We will be updating the blog every evening so keep checking the Ben Jonson website for stories and photos of the children having a fantastic time.

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Macmillan Coffee Morning

Another successful Macmillan Coffee Morning. Thank you to everyone at Ben Jonson for the marvellous contributions and kind donations all in aid of this worthy cause.

The total sum raised will be announced next Friday, but more importantly, the winner of the Bake Off (which was a baking competition between the staff) will be announced on Monday. We’re a very kind and competitive school. – Shaz

A massive thank you to Shaz who hosted this amazing event for all our staff, who not only enjoyed all these lovely treats but helped to support Shaz raising money. Curious to find out our school star baker. Watch this space!


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