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Eid Lunch 2022

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Christmas Lunch 2021

Christmas Lunch was amazing thanks to our lovely Lamisi and kitchen staff @BenJonsonSchool

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EFL U11 Kids Cup 2021

On Friday 26th November, nine children from Year 6 had the opportunity to represent Ben Jonson Primary School at the EFL U11 Kids Cup at the Feel Good Too Sports Centre in Leyton. This was a 16-team competition with four groups of four teams, the winner of each group playing a semi-final match leading to a final, with the winner representing Leyton Orient Football Club. In the group stages, our Year 6 team won two of the first three games (4-0 and 1-0) and got to within one game of making the semi finals but lost out to a last minute winner. The Leyton Orient football coaches were incredibly proud of the children’s effort and teamwork, despite having travelled furthest to attend and competing against players that were playing at district level. We are extremely proud of you all. – Aaron

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Sports Day 2021

For Sports Day 2021, each year group stayed in school to complete their events on their own set day. To make it more competitive, we introduced a housing system whereby each class teacher put their class into four different houses.

Each colour was allocated an ocean for a house name followed by a famous explorer. 

Red – Indian Ocean – Gertrude Bell
Blue – Pacific Ocean – Amy Johnson
Green – Antarctic Ocean – Ernest Shackleton
Yellow – Atlantic Ocean – Sir Ranulph Fiennes 

On their chosen day, teachers from each year group took their classes to one of the seven events in the playground on a carousel which included: 
50m sprint, javelin, target throw, egg & spoon race, nuts & squirrels, standing long jump and the infamous relay race.  
Luckily we had the weather to match and much fun was had by all!

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e-Safety poster competition

Our e-safety poster competition is now closed. We made our selections and awarded the prizes. Congratulations to all our winners and well done everyone who entered the competition.

We had 25 Google Internaut trophies to use as prizes and we received 49 entries. Our panel had a difficult time choosing the best ones from each year group.

The posters will be put on display in the corridor near the computing room for all children to admire. Below is a selection of some of these amazing e-safety posters.

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e-Safety poster competition.

Thanks to Google: Be Internet Legends and Parentzone we have received more Google Internaut trophies. As a school we have decided to make these available as prizes for our e-safety poster competition to raise more awareness about e-safety.

For more information see the attached flyer and our posted messages on Google Classroom and Twitter.

The closing date for the competition is Monday 14th June.

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Eid ul Fitr 2021

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Matt’s first BJblog post.

Dear Ben Jonson,

Can you believe it has been almost 8 weeks since schools closed for most children? What a long time it feels – longer than the summer holidays! I am thinking of you all. I hope you and your families are all healthy and happy. I have spoken to most of the children in Coral Class on the phone and generally everyone is well, but a little bored. I completely empathise with this feeling, as I am feeling it too. Having said this, thankfully the weather is very nice at the moment.

What are you doing to keep busy in lock down? Have you completed the new outdoor learning yet? If not, please do check it out! Go to the Ben Jonson Primary home page, click the BIG, YELLOW home learning link, find your year group and click ‘Outdoor Learning’ in ‘Week 7 Activities’. Getting outside is a crucial ingredient for overall health; it triggers the body’s production of vitamin D, lowers high blood pressure, helps muscles and improves brain function.

Last week I went into school on Monday and Thursday to look after the few children that are continuing to go in. It was lovely to see them all, and catch up with the adults too. We focused on making and creating. Check out the pictures and descriptions below. If you want, you could try and make similar things at home too.

On Monday, we made Paper Mache Space Helmets. This was a big project that took a couple of days. The results speak for themselves though, look how fantasy they looked at the end! If you fancy making your own, there are step-by-step instructions with pictures on the hobby craft website. Click the link below.

On Thursday morning, we were animators with a simple Stop Motion app. The app is free to download from the Apple Store; it’s called ‘I can animate Lite’. It was a really fun activity that only requires a tablet/iPad and some plasticine. If you don’t have plasticine at home, you could use Play-Doh, toys like Lego or leaves from the outdoors. As you can see from the pictures, we also made a little studio with a large cardboard box and spare paper.

This activity needs time and a few helpers. If your family members are available (brothers and sisters are very useful), get them involved too. Give them specific roles like director, camera controller, set and props maker.

The key to this activity is patience – the more pictures you take (they are also called frames), the better your animation movie will be. The best way of demonstrating this is to download the app and have a play around with it.

For more information, have a look at the Tate Kids website. There are simple instructions and lots of great ideas.


On Thursday afternoon, we finished off making board games. Guy started this with the children – I can’t take the credit for this great idea! The children thought about their favourite board games like Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly and Chess. Using these ideas are inspiration, they made their own games out of cardboard. The theme in school was all about space. Check out the pictures below to see what they came up with.

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Best wishes,


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World Book Day 2020

To celebrate World Book Day 2020, we took part in a range of fun activities. These included “book tasting” in class to try out new texts, making creative displays of our favourite books and holding a whole school assembly. Every child and adult brought a book to assembly and took part in a “Big Read”.

We also introduced our new Ben Jonson Reading Canon – a list of texts we would like every child to read by the time they leave primary school and is set out as a fun challenge. Can you read them all? The full Reading Canon can be downloaded now on the website.

For homework in the lead-up to the day, we asked children to create a book box or piece of artwork based on a book they enjoy. The quality of these was incredible and we celebrated a selection in assembly. Thank you parents for all your hard work helping with these and your continued support in encouraging our children to read.

From Paul

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Science Week 2020 – Food Glorious Food

Science Week 2020 has been a scrumptious, delectable success! Our theme of food has seen lots of exciting chemistry, lots of tickling taste buds and lots of fantastic scientific enquiry from both children and adults.

On Monday, Dan from the Royal Institution was back with his Explosive Food show. We saw how electricity can be passed through a gherkin, the explosive energy contained in flour, the process that our food goes through in the digestive system and we learned about how crucial the sense of smell is to tasting when we did the Woosh Test! After school, Dan did his Community Show and we were delighted to see so many parents and family members attend. We learned about the incredible power of friction, how batteries were first invented, the power of electrical generators and the magic of surface tension.

In class, children across the school have been doing some tremendously exciting science. Year 6 have been doing lots of blind tasting, where children taste food and drink without knowing what they are and rate them on how tasty they are. With the results, the children were then able to do some fantastic data analysis. Year 4 have also been creating bar charts, having studied the amount of sugar in different orange juices. Year 3 have been busy getting creative. They have created cupcakes in mugs AND ice lollies – some amazing chemistry. Every year group has been busy doing science linked to food.

Our year group parent workshops have seen a vast amount of bread created. Years 2,3,4 and 6 have all had a go at baking their own bread in a bag. It was wonderful to see the teamwork and community spirit shining through as everyone helped each other to create some very tasty loaves. We all learned about the science behind why bread dough rises, as the yeast and sugar react to form carbon dioxide which blows the dough up like a balloon. We then thought about what happens when the bread is in the oven, how the heat turns any liquid in the dough to a gas, thus further inflating the mixture. Years 4 and 6 had time to consider how balanced their diet is and how they could plan a meal plan to make it even more of a healthy mix!

We are looking forward to the next week, which will see Year 5 have a go at making their own bread and Reception and Year 1 create their own cookie decorations. Thank you to everyone who has made this Science Week another great success.

Meredith and Alex



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