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Home Learning edition 5 – Frogplay

frogFrogplay User Guides

Hello everyone and especially our Year 1 parents and pupils. Over the last couple of weeks more Year 1 children started using Frogplay, to do some of their Home Learning. As we have not introduced Frogplay to Year 1 children, we will be adding some guides to their year group page on how to use Frogplay. If the children have older siblings, they will be able to show you some of the main features of Frogplay and help their younger brothers or sisters.

These guides will also be helpful for other adults and children new to Frogplay or who want to find out more about this learning tool. This week we will focus on the main features. The guide will tell you how to change the wallpaper in your room, create your avatar picture and of course how to get to your homework!

Click on the link to read our first guide:  FROGPLAY 1

Find out more about games to play and unlocking codes in our next guides.



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Home Learning using Frogplay

Now that the Frogplay World championships are finished (and we are still waiting for the results), we will clear all the old homework and start with new sets of home work for every year group.

Just as before you can use the message option to contact Jan (Aelmans, J) if you have any problems with an activity or questions about Frogplay. If this is not possible through Frogplay, then you can e-mail for further support.

Remember you can login to Frogplay on any computer, laptop, tablet and even smartphone with a working internet connection, by going to All children from Year 1 onwards should have their own login details. If you have forgotten or lost these you can always contact

Hope this has been an additional help with the Home Learning so far and looking forward to see even more children completing their tasks using Frogplay!


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Frogplay World Championships: The End

A massive CONGRATULATIONS to all who took part, we all know how weird things currently are for everyone, and just hope that the Frogplay World Championships have provided a little distraction from all that and helped with some of the home learning.

If you missed anything, don’t worry, there’ll be an opportunity to unlock those parts again in a future event.

Frogplay is currently checking the scores and will announce the winners shortly. We might not have a winner at Ben Jonson this year, but there will be other tournaments in the future.

Here are the countries we virtually visited over the past nine weeks.


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