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Science Week 2019

“What a fantastic Science Week it has been so far! We’ve been going Robot mad at Ben Jonson, creating, building and programming some wonderful instances of Artificial Intelligence. Even a burst boiler in the kitchen, meaning that school was cancelled on Monday, could not set our learning back. On Tuesday, classes started their lessons on robots in class. I have had some wonderful conversations with children about what robots are and what the future holds for robots. In one Year 4 class, we even got onto the subject of a Utopia, where people were free to lead easy lives as most jobs would be done by robots! In Key Stage 1, the children were programming the B-Bots, using their maths skills to plot a course!

Wednesday saw a visit from Howard from HG Education. He delivered a whole school assembly, where we learnt about his Tesla car and the future of cars. Howard thinks that in seven years’ time we won’t even need to drive as driverless Uber cars will take us everywhere! Imagine that! He showed us his robotic scooter, his drones and spoke with great passion about technology. Years 3,4 and some children from Year 5 built their own robot in our family workshops and some battled them in true Robot Wars style. Meanwhile, up in Year 5 and Year 6, Zan from Zobotics was doing some great coding with the children, where they were coding a pre-built robot using laptops.

On Thursday we had a wonderful turn out for the Year 1 and Reception Family Workshops. Children used recycled materials to build their own superb robots. Check out the photos! A big thank you to all the parents who have come to the Family Workshops so far! We have rearranged the Family Workshops that were cancelled on Monday to Tuesday next week (5th February). Flores and Aegean’s Family Workshop will be at 9:30 – 10:30, Tasman and Aegean at 11:15 and at 2:00 – 3:15 will be the Year 2 Family Workshop! We look forward to seeing more parents at these events!

Many thanks, Alex and Meredith – The Science Team”

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