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Gilwell Day 4

Hello all! Alex here at Gilwell!

We had a very enjoyable end to Wednesday with the film Journey 2, before everyone got a good night’s sleep.

Thursday began with boiled eggs and toast in the Branchett Lodge, followed by a spectacular round of room inspections! Highlights included hand sanitizer attached to room doors and some lovely performances to welcome the adults into the rooms.

We had our last round of Gilwell-led activities today. Group 9 made pizza, brownies and S’mores in the back woods cooking! Delicious! We had baguettes once more for lunch with a special treat of a Twix before going for yet another stunning hike with views across picturesque Enfield, surely one of the jewels in the crown of North London boroughs. Two more activity sessions culminated in Emily and I climbing to the top of the climbing wall!

Dinner tonight was southern fried chicken breasts with corn on the cob and chips – my personal favourite of the week. It was followed by a light chocolate mousse. You can’t have the last day of Gilwell without the campfire and we had yet another superb time. We sang Everywhere We Go, My Song is a Good Song, Popacatopetyl, Boom-Chic-A-Boom, Blackbird, Driving Down the Road and (of course) the Bungalow!

We got back to the Branchett Lodge and played card and board games and had some hot chocolate before getting ready for bed. We have mixed emotions – joyful at the magic of another great Gilwell visit but also sad because tomorrow we have to leave! See you back at school!

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Gilwell 2018 Day 3

Hello all from Gilwell! Alex here…

The end of day two was a wonderful experience with lovely burgers and chips served by Chef Chris. After dinner we retired to the Peter Harrison lodge for a movie / cinema night. We watched the modern Disney classic of Zootropolis and had some delicious popcorn. After the movie, it was time for bed. Children and adults alike had a very well earned sleep!

Day two began with beans on toast and cereal for breakfast before the Branchett Lodge went outside to play football and cricket. We had one activity session before lunch, with kayaking being particularly memorable as David got in the lake and menaced the kayakers! Lunch was cheese sandwiches, tuna sandwiches and chicken sandwiches.

One of the highlights of Gilwell is always the hike to the hill with stunning views over to central London. We ran down the hill and took some super class photos. Once we finished with the hill, we visited the Gilwell shop to spend our spending money on souvenirs. With no Gilwell-led activities in the afternoon, we had a bumper free time session. Branchett lodge enjoyed a game of football and a superb game of rounders! In Peter Harrison lodge we played 20 questions! I was a goat!

Dinner tonight was a beautiful pasta bake with chocolate brownies and ice cream! We are now settling down to our second cinema night, watching Journey 2 – The Mysterious Island.


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Gilwell Day 2

To finish day one we had a lovely Cajun chicken dinner. Mmmmmmm. After this, we were all surprised by the visit of a very special guest. NO! It was not Sheila! It was Monica! She was shown to some wonderfully tidy rooms before joining us around the campfire for some singing. We sang Eye of the Tiger, Everywhere We Go, We Are The Champions, Stand By Me, Radio Gaga, Blackbird, Yellow Submarine, Lean on Me and the Gilwell classic Bungalow! After the campfire we had some lovely hot chocolate before a much needed rest.

We have had an action packed second day at Gilwell with lots of exciting activities. In both lodges we had a lovely scrambled egg on toast breakfast with lots of tasty cereal. Two activities were sandwiched either side of lunch, where we were treated to baguettes, fruit and doughnuts! What a treat! Tonight we are looking forward to our first movie night following on from yesterday evenings campfire!


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Gilwell Day One Update

Hello everyone! Alex here!

Year Six have arrived at Gilwell safely and are now enjoying their first activities! We will be updating the blog every evening so keep checking the Ben Jonson website for stories and photos of the children having a fantastic time. Tonight we have a Cajun chicken meal to look forward to and then the camp fire with songs lead by George!

Here’s a photo of everyone enjoying their lunch earlier today!



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