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Ancient Rome Performance & Museum Exhibition

Thank you to all the parents and family who came to the Ancient Rome Performance and Museum Exhibition put on by the children of Year 3 last week. Of course, a special well done also has to go out to the children who were fantastic. The performance consisted of an amazing Roman Column Dance by Timor Class, a superb explanation of Roman numerals and clocks from Arctic Class and two performances from Baffin, one all to do with effective Roman battle formations and one to do with how to put on a toga! If the performance was great, the museum exhibition that followed was incredible! – Alex

The children revelled in showing their parents all of their learning and the special projects they had done at home. We had replicas of Roman Shields and Roman Swords, beautiful Roman Mosaics, models of Roman temples, Roman coins made out of clay, amazing Greek myths and instructions on how to defeat an ancient beast. Well done to the Year 3 team, the children and another big thank you to the parents who made the afternoon so special. – Alex

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