Science Week 2017

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We’ve been having a wonderful science week so far with our chemistry theme of CRASH BANG WALLOP!

Monday: We were lucky enough to have Dan from the Royal Institution in to kick off our Science Week with a bang. The Royal Institution is a prestigious and very old organisation whose job it is to demonstrate science and educate the population. Every famous British scientist has at some point delivered a show or lecture with the Royal Institution. Dan worked with Years 2,4,5 and 6 on the science behind food. He created huge flames from flour and showed up a memorable demonstration of the journey taken by our food through our body. Later that evening, Dan also ran a community show where we were delighted to see so many families after hours! Dan wowed us with loud bangs, bright arc-lamps and some memorable matches of “tug of war” with magnets and books.

Tuesday: Years 4 and 6 were doing exciting potions with Renee from the Curiosity Box – a education organisation aimed at improving children’s science learning. The children in year 4 produced an amazing reaction where the liquids changed colour if they were shaken. Whilst the children in year 6 created snakes made out of flames! Very dramatic!

Wednesday: On Wednesday, the whole school came together to enjoy a show by The Gastronaut! It was a spectacular assembly, featuring a curious game of basketball with beach balls and leaf blowers; huge smoke rings being sent across the hall; explosive lemon and bicarbonate of soda rockets and much more learning about the science behind our food. After the assembly, The Gastronaut and his trusty colleague Hugh worked with year 3 children, as they met a group of locusts and did lots of exciting chemistry.

We had reception children and parents creating cloud dough from oil, flour, bicarbonate of soda and food colouring and in the afternoon we had year 4 children and parents creating lava lamps with oil, water, food colouring and alka seltzer tablets. Meanwhile, at the Science Museum in Kensington Timor, Baffin and Flores classes were getting to grips with the brand new Wonderlab: exploring hands on science activities. Year 2 and reception children had lots of fun with Renee the potion lady, creating different potions. We have year 5 making lava lamps and year 6 making bouncy balls. Children were making cloud dough and making bouncy balls. Finally, on Monday we will be announcing the winners of our star scientist awards and our art competition in assembly and let’s not forget on Monday afternoon we have our year 1 parent workshop where the children will be making cloud dough!

What a week!

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Science Week – CRASH BANG WOLLOP! SEN Boccia competition

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