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Gilwell Group photo!

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Here’s a group picture of us all in the camp square at Gilwell, Wednesday morning. BIG thank you to everyone who made this happen, and for one final time, Mary. we couldn’t have done it without any of you! We’ll see  you all tomorrow….. don’t forget there’s still school for all of us on Friday…..

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Day 3 : sunny side up

Thankfully the sun was up this morning and some of us had a mini -lie in, with breakfast at 830am. This mornings menu? egg-tastic! The children in Jack Petchey lodge ( we are split between two self catering lodges – Jack Petchy and Peter Harrison ) were keen to make sure their rooms were in order for their first room inspection. In fact so much so, over zealous hovering caused a pair of socks and possibly a vest being sucked up!  Up at Peter Harrison lodge Alysha has already carried out several full inspections. Apart from cleanliness, bonus points were awarded for special presentations – raps and songs to impress the judges.

After the room inspections we all walked up to the main camp square to spend our pocket money on Gilwell souvenirs, although I’m not sure how pots of slime fits into that – it hasn’t been that muddy here!! they opened the shop especially for us. Then with our gift laden bags we managed to fit in another activity before lunch……with our final two activities on the rota afterwards. All children will have completed at least 9 activities during their time here ( see previous blog posts and pictures)

Today has been so far, a special day for several reasons. first, Halima was finally able to join us and secondly it is Mysha’s 11th birthday! To celebrate we have sung happy birthday twice and Li Missi made us a special chocolate birthday cake to share. As this will be our last full day and night at Gilwell, we will have a campfire with Monica who will visit us later, and of course go to bed on time full of glorious memories of our time here.

e’ ll not think about the tidying up and cleaning until tomorrow morning…..

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