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Day 2: life at Gilwell

So day two dawns briskly for an 8am breakfast. Already we feel we’ve adjusted to life here at Gilwell park, embracing the team spirit it inspires. Apart from the cold, most of us slept well so we were up and ready for a full day of activities. Each group had the opportunity to complete 4 activities today, including time to play a joke on Alex! (more of that later) The most popular activities have been the 3G swing – pulling your team mates into the sky, and shouting ‘1,2 ,3G …swing!’ as they release the cord and swing into the trees! truly exhilarating! Don’t worry -all activities are led by fully trained instructors ( thank you Gilwell) A close second is the shear face of the rock climbing – the challenge to climb to the top is a real one! Well done Rishat for completing it!

Lunch and dinner have been provided (very tastily) by Gilwell. much excitement was had for the chicken tikka sandwiches for lunch and the tasty meatballs, pasta bake and chicken we’ve eaten in their restaurant. Although we love cooking for the kids it is nice to have more time to be with them rather than clearing up. We do still make the breakfast every day though.

Today Amina’s group and I managed to convince Alex and the other children that we had to use our spending money to pay for lunch ( see photos – we set it up like a shop as it looked very different from our school pack lunches!)  We’ve also been foraging in the extensive grounds to build campfires to cook on and create organic art! phew! no wonder we needed a movie night to relax from our new out door-sy lifestyle. ( in progress as I type) until tomorrow ( ooh its a special day for one member of year 6 tomorrow……)

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At last! Gilwell photos from yesterday!

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Greetings from Gilwell.

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