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Gilwell Day 1: We made it – woohoo!

Bags were unpacked and door signs made and we were off to embrace our first full day of activities. There was a countryside chill in the air, but we didn’t care – the sun was out, we’re with our friends experiencing new things…. high in the sky on the 3G swing. Bullseye! in Archery. Areoball action. Campfire cooking -building a fire and making our own French toast and toasting marshmallows of course! Crate stacking – how high can you go before you fall? 24 apparently… the shear face of rock climbing – eek! DT with Jenny and helping out in our two lodges – Jack Petchy and Peter Harrison. Thankfully the adults are only cooking us breakfast this year, so we enjoyed our first tasty meal in the grand old house of Gilwell. As I type the campfire with Mary leading the singing no doubt, is in full swing. Go well and safely! until tomorrow……

technical hitch! Apologies! we genuinely have lots of great photos of the lovely year 6 enjoying themselves. However, currently the photos won’t upload themselves. Please watch this space and hopefully they will follow….

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